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Are Communities With FTZ’s Positively Affected?

Understand the latest report by the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones and how employment, wages,
and fellow communities are positively affected by the presence with an FTZ.   








 Top Ten Facts about Foreign Trade Zones


As we aim to increase the awareness of  Foreign Trade Zones and the benefits of such, we’re looking at the top ten most surprising facts about Foreign Trade Zones derived from the National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones.



Excitement for WNYFTZ Expansion


 The Western New York Foreign Trade is truly looking forward to spring and summer for many reasons. This year, the warmer weather signifies more than just flowers and the start of days spent at Woodlawn beach, but it also signifies the conclusion of the expansion of our facility. Announcing the expansion via Buffalo Business First back in June 2018,  we’re proud to say we’re on track to complete this project in less than one years’ time. 








ACE Promises Big Changes at the Border

PeaceBridge.jpgOn March 31, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will implement the next phase of its Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) transition, requiring all import entries through CBP (only) to utilize the ACE “Single Window” process. 







Doing Business in the U.S. for Canadian Companies - Recap


On Tuesday, February 23, WNY Foreign Trade Zone had the opportunity to present as part of a panel discussion on “Doing Business in the U.S. for Canadian Companies” with Welke Customs Brokers USA and Celebrezze Law as part of the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce’s monthly “Lunch and Learn” series.






WNY Foreign Trade Zone to Present on

“Doing Business in the U.S.” Panel

The United States and Canada have the largest trade relationship in the world. The trade relationship between our two countries crosses all industries, and is vital to both nations' success. Western New York Foreign Trade Zone is proud to partner with the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce, Welke Customs Brokers and Celebrezze Law for this roundtable discussion to learn the finer points of doing business with the U.S. for Canadian companies.




Advantages of Using a Foreign Trade Zone:

With WNY Foreign Trade Zone’s proximity to the CanAm border, it is not uncommon for shippers to export into the U.S. to our facility only to then export to Canada or another country. Since goods held in an FTZ are still considered international freight, they can be exported from our facility without ever incurring customs duties.





Advantages of Using a Foreign Trade Zone:
Country-of-Origin Labeling

If you’re an importer into the U.S., you’ve often dealt with Country-of-Origin labeling, and know that the rules surrounding the process are often changing. One of the benefits of utilizing a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone is that merchandise being imported into the country can be labeled right in the FTZ, properly.





Advantages of Using a Foreign Trade Zone:
Cash Flow

For importers in the U.S., there are tremendous advantages to utilizing a foreign trade zone. Because of the way FTZs are regulated and bonded, entering a foreign trade zone is legally different than physically entering the U.S., from an import perspective. Which means that until your merchandise leaves the facility, it is still considered international freight.




Weakened Canadian Dollar Creates Opportunities
for Some Businesses Along Border

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Despite traffic from Canada to the U.S. being down because of a weak Canadian dollar, tourism is still at a record high, but what does a devalued Canadian currency mean for businesses who ship and manufacture between borders?

Western New York Foreign Trade Zone is based in the U.S., shipping mostly Canadian products throughout the states.

“We have trucks coming in every day and we have trucks going out everyday,” said Tim Palisano, WNY Foreign Trade Zone President. “Goods come in here and they give us orders and we ship all over the country.”