Excitement for WNYFTZ Expansion

As the sun starts shining a bit more in Buffalo NY, The Western New York Foreign Trade is truly looking forward to spring and summer for many reasons. This year, the warmer weather signifies more than just flowers and the start of days spent at Woodlawn beach, but it also signifies the conclusion of the expansion of our facility. Announcing the expansion via Buffalo Business First back in June 2018, we’re proud to say we’re on track to complete this project in less than one years’ time.

Below are the top three things the WNYFTZ team is excited about:

1. Doubling Production:

This $2 million project will allow for the warehousing captivity of over 50,000 sq ft; 66% more space than what was available before the project. This space will go directly to providing warehousing services for international businesses and trade. As we provide the ability to store goods without being subject to customs duties and other taxes, we’re looking forward to providing these services to both US and international companies. As we’re fortunate to be located just 10 mins from the Peace Bridge and in conjunction with new potential trade deals, we’re excited to be a part of a larger increase in international trade.

2. Increasing Staff:

As with any business, expansion comes with the need to expand the team. As a family business, any member of our team truly become part of the family and we’re excited to add to our dedicated and passionate team. If it truly wasn’t for the support provided through each team members throughout this and previous year, this expansion and the ability to look ahead to future success would not be possible.

3. Enchasing the WNY Community:

As we’ve always been thankful to be a part of the Buffalo and Lackawanna community, we’re truly excited about enhancing our community involvement even more so. As a local business, being apart for the “City of Good Neighbors” has enabled us to be successful for many years and as newer members of Southttowns Chamber of Commerce we’re excited to see how our connections can be further enhanced throughout the community. In addition, with the longevity of our parent company in which has been serving the WNY community for over 100 years, we’re excited to look towards the next 100+ years.

We thank all of our clients and support members that have enabled us to even consider this expansion. The three of elements of Doubling Production, Increasing Staff and Enchasing the WNY Community are items we as a staff are excited about in the next few months. We encourage you to stay tuned for more blog posts in regard to our expansion including from the viewpoint of our owner, Tim Palisano and what this expansion means to him and the entire Palisano Family.

Western New York Foreign Trade provides international trade services and is located just minutes from the U.S./Canadian border (within 500 Miles of 55% of the U.S. population and 62% of Canada's population) and is proud to be a part of Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.